Harley Cross

maker of many things

Maker of many things:

Entrepreneur, business/creative strategist, producer, film / television actor and musician.

In early 2017, Harley co-founded Land Core USA. The organisation is focused on passing US federal legislation that creates market based solutions for American farmers to adopt existing USDA soil health management practices that address food security and weather resilience.

Until 2016, he was CEO, and artistic director of Hint Mint Inc., a designer mint / candy company he co-founded. 

Harley also launched Interconnected, a Los Angeles-based creative agency, started in 2011 with his friend and business partner Nirvan Mullick. Through Interconnected, Harley and Nirvan produced the viral video Caine's Arcade and the followup Caine's Arcade 2.

After the viral success of Caine's Arcade, Harley and Nirvan co-founded the Imagination Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to "find, foster and fund creativity and entrepreneurship" in kids.

In 2014 with his partner Lauren Turk, he started the non-profit org, Play with Music. An after school program designed to re-imagine music education for the 21st century.

Harley was also the front-man of "The Harley Cross Band" in the early 2000s and was co-founder of a music project with Lauren Turk in 2014-15 called The New History. He is currently working on a solo album.

As an actor, Harley appeared in over a dozen films as well as many TV shows from the 1980s into the 2000s